Why you should join the NASUWT

NASUWT is the largest teachers' union in the UK


With over a quarter of a million members across all sectors from early years to further education, NASUWT is the largest teachers' union in the UK.

The Union provides an array of services including high quality support, advice and representation for members; legal representation; national and regional training programmes and professional seminars and conferences. 


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NASUWT is also politically independent. It makes no donations either directly or indirectly. The Union's aim is to serve the best interests of teachers no matter what party forms the Government at national or local level.

NASUWT strongly believes that no teacher or Initial Teacher Training (ITT) student should enter the classroom without the essential legal and professional cover that the NASUWT provides.

The NASUWT also organises its members locally at workplace level around the issues they tell us matter to them. The campaigns we run are continuing to make real improvements to teachers' working lives. The NASUWT has campaigned tirelessly around the working conditions and excessive workloads of teachers. In particular the NASUWT has demanded a sensible limit on teachers' working hours, a reduction in excessive workload and bureaucracy and pay and conditions which enhance the professional status of teachers and headteachers and recognise their roles as highly skilled professionals.

For many years the NASUWT has also been highlighting the issue of disruption, harassment and violence in schools. The NASUWT continues to be the teachers' union supporting members to defend their right to work in an environment free from violence and disruption.